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Located in McAllen Texas exhilarating. At the same time, Preschool of the Arts is an oasis of nature-inspired tranquility and calm. This unique amalgamation of qualities, fashioned to expand and stimulate children's minds and provide them with an unparalleled first academic experience, makes Preschool of the Arts McAllen's premiere preschool. Preschool of the Arts has become the conduit through which children emerge as happy, productive, and successful learners who progress to the finest public and private schools in the city.

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Eco-Friendly Building

Framboyant’s Building is made of: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) AAC is an environmentally responsible building product. Environmental considerations include: • AAC is produced from one of earth’s most abundant natural materials — sand. • The production energy consumption of AAC is a fraction of that of other masonry products. • The thermal mass of the concrete saves energy year-round by reducing temperature swings. • No pollutants or toxins
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NEW Capoeira Classes

  Today Capoeira is practiced in various styles around the world. Most schools differentiate themselves in one of the three (3) main styles: Regional, Angola and the newer: Contemporary. Contemporary Capoeira schools offer a mixed focus, but at the same time a very well-rounded opportunity at learning Capoeira in all of it’s aspects. Raça em Movimento is one such Academy. Capoeira has also invaded much of
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