Preparatory Class

Preparation Class

Ages: 18 mos. – 2 ½ yrs.

Someone goes with me to school.


(Mom, Dad or Grandmother)

About the Program


Songs, Art and graphic activities

Neuromotor Development Activities


Class given in Spanish & English


Tuesday & Thursdays 5:00pm – 6:00pm

*Registration Fee: $50.00

*Monthly Fee: $100.00 (2 Days a week)

2525 Buddy Owens – McAllen, Texas 78504 Phone: (956) 687 4697 www.,

Where The Future Begins


Psycho-motor Education Class

All children have an inborn desire to learn, to do, and to know how to do. You as parents have the opportunity to stimulate this natural curiosity during the early first years.

The purpose of this program is to nurture the child’s capacity to learn, to discover, to react to stimuli, to experience, and to satisfy the child’s need to learn.


  • Prepare the child for the school environment.

  • Provide the opportunity for structured play.

  • Provide learning experience with mom and to take back home.

  • Stimulate the child’s neuromotor system.

  • Facilitate materials for the cognitive development.

  • Provide activities that promote language development.

  • Promote social development by facilitating the interrelation with other children and adults.

The fundaments of our program:

  • The songs and rhythms stimulate language. Coordination and memory.

  • The didactic material promotes precision, concentration, reflexes and balance.

  • The graphic activities promote learning, coordination and good work habits.

  • Mom’s guidance throughout all the activities, give the child security and confidence.

Daily Routine:

  • Songs and Rhythms.

  • Art Graphic activities, Didactic material.

  • Activities in the neuromotor room.

  • Playground.


  • Comfortable clothes for mom and child. Please NO high Heels in the playground

  • Punctuality is a must, to make it easier for your child to integrate to the class.

  • Make sure you change your child’s dipper before the class to comfort him/her.

Classroom Rules:

  • Walk inside the classroom.

  • Let your child work independently (provide help when needed).

The steps to work with didactic material are:

  1. Put a mat on table or floor/table

  2. Let your child choose a material to work

  3. Take the material to the table/floor in an order and in silence.

  4. Pull the chair out to sit down and work (If the child works at a table)

We feel confident that this program will be full of experiences that will facilitate the successful integration of your child to the school environment.

2525 Buddy Owens – McAllen, Texas 78504 Phone: (956) 687 4697 www.,